Learn an Easier Golf Swing. Setup 4 Impact and swing on one single plane.

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Kirk Junge

I coach you to Setup 4 Impact and then swing on one single plane.

Setup 4 Impact is the easiest golf method that you can ever learn because I customize the simple concept to fit each individual golfer.

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37 Years Of Experience As A Golf Professional teaching golfers like yourself all over the world.

What I Offer For Better golf? An Easier golf swing!!

My Setup 4 Impact golf method is easy to learn. Learn more at https://setup4impact.com/online/

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Let me help you step by step to improve your golf game.

Private Lessons

Learn from me in person or from one of my Certified Instructors.

Three Day golf schools.

The fastest way to improve is at my three day schools where we cover every aspect of improving your game.

One day schools

Learn the Setup 4 Impact basics and how to swing on one single plane in one day with my certified instructors.

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What People Are Saying

Here are a few testimonials from recent clients of Setup 4 Impact Golf.

“I have taken hundreds of hours of lessons in my 71 years and I think these 3 days surpassed any instruction that I have ever received. If my progress after practicing your drills and completing this school is any indication, I am sold on this technique. Bottom line, after 3 days I walked away with no question unanswered about swing theory, equipment, training aids, practice and mental aspects of golf.”

Paul S.

Hello Kirk,

“Hi Kirk! I switched to the single plane swing 12 months ago, attended your school 10 months ago, broke 80 for the first time with the new swing 8 months ago, shot 75 3 months ago, and today broke par for the first time since my 30’s with a -2 69! Needless to say, I’m very satisfied with the results of the last year, as shooting par or better was a major goal for me when I signed up for your instruction. I knew I couldn’t get there in my 50’s and 60’s with my traditional swing, but now I feel like there are a lot of good rounds ahead.”

Best Regards, Jerrel H.

I have been following and practicing Kirk’s Setup 4 impact swing since April 1, 2021. Never in all my years of trying the master this game have I come across something so easy and effective to follow. It has changed my game for the better. I have increased my distance and accuracy across all my clubs. I have cut an average of 6 strokes of my game just in the last month. Thank you Kirk for sharing your system with me for free. I will never forget your kindness and love for the game. I am honored to call you my teacher. If you want to learn and improve your game you have come to the right place.

David C.

In the above video I show you how to setup 4 impact and then swing on one single plane. To see more such videos visit my website at https://setup4impact.com/singleplanegolfswing/
My Setup 4 Impact® golf method makes it much easier to hit any golf shot, from chips, pitches, bunker shots, fairway irons, hybrids, woods, and Driver. Simply setting up on your impact plane and then swinging on one single plane makes the game easier, especially since I customize the simple concept to fit each individual golfer regardless of age, flexibility, and natural ability. My goal is to help you improve faster than any other way. I have worked over 35 years in developing this simple golf swing method which can help anybody play better golf quickly. Many do better their next time out. Because it is easier to repeat it is also easier on the body. Putting less stress on the back, hips, and knees.

I coach you through an app that is included in membership to my website that allows you to send in video and work with me step by step through the easy to learn system. It gives you full access to my complete learning system that get’s setup 4 impact and swinging on one single plane very quickly. This will equal lower golf scores and more fun on the golf course. Visit https://setup4impact.com/online/ to learn more.

“SINGLE PLANE™” is a trademark of graves golf.This channel is not owned, affiliated, sponsored by, or endorsed by Graves Golf, who teach the “MOE NORMAN SINGLE PLANE” golf swing. I was certified to teach Graves Golf’s SINGLE PLANE™ Golf Swing in 2015 but I am no longer licensed to teach Graves Golf’s “SINGLE PLANE™” golf swing

Learning an Easier Golf swing!!

Golf can be a challenging sport, and even the most experienced players can struggle with inconsistency on the course. However, there are some simple and effective ways to an easier golf swing that will improve your game and increase your confidence. One key area to focus on is your swing technique. It’s crucial not to try and use too much power when swinging as this often leads to missed shots and a lack of control. Opt for a smoother and easier golf swing instead, which will help you maintain balance and be more accurate. To generate power, focus on building up your core muscles through regular exercise and proper swing technique. It’s also essential to practice routinely to build up muscle memory and develop consistency in your swing. Finally, try to trust your swing and avoid overthinking during your shots. By following these tips and focusing on the basics of your swing, you’ll enhance your golf game and have more fun on the course!

10 steps to an easier golf swing to repeat. 

1. Start by understanding the basic principles of making perfect impact.
2. Follow our easy to follow golf learning program step by step on Setup4impact.com
3. Simplify your grip by focusing on a grip position that matches what you need for perfect impact, not by copying other golfers. 
4. Keep your stance and alignment simple and consistent. 
5. Focus on making a smooth, fluid backswing. 
6. Practice improving your tempo with our easy to follow drills such as the grass cutting drills. 
7. Keep your focus on where your club needs to make contact with the ground for perfect impact. The easier the golf swing is to repeat the better. 
8. Minimize unnecessary movements to create an easier more efficient golf swing. 
9. Focus on the finish, keeping your body balanced and facing the target. 
10. Finally, practice frequently to reinforce proper technique and build muscle memory.

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